Kiva Kids at Town Shcool for Boys

Hi, my name is Callen and this is my group, Sean(right) and Zachary(left). In math class, we are doing a project on Kiva, a platform for loaning money. Instead of just loaning to Kiva, our class decided to make a Kiva platform for our school, us being the borrowers, and the teachers being the loaners. Currently, we are at the end of our funding process.

Here are some of the things that have resonated with me during the project these past few weeks:

  • Communication and Collaboration

I feel like this resonated with me because my group has had to communicate a lot given that we were second to last getting our loan application in. We’ve also had to work together well because we otherwise wouldn’t be where we are right now. Overall, I think these two things were very important to us.

  • Coping and Resiliency

I feel like this resonated with me because my group had to keep going even after we had been late to turn in our loan application. Also, we had to cope with our business plan when the price lowered and we wanted to lower our loan amount but we couldn’t. I feel that these are important to me and my group if we want to be successful.

One of the things that challenged our group was the fact that we couldn't decide on a new product. The reason why we need to be selling a variety of products is that if we keep selling the same thing, our customers will become bored (unless their product breaks). Anyway, we are all undecided on our additional product. One of the problems we are having is that when we present our new product, our teacher says that the product is too much like a different group's product and that we have to find a new one. So, we do as we are told and look for another product. After a bit of class, one of us says to the others: "I found something!" we look at it and one of three things happen: 1. Too pricey. 2. Someone doesn't like it. 3. It doesn't get approved. So, we do it again. It is very challenging.