Flipping without flopping

Transport your students into the future and back in time for class

Activity 1
Find your hover board

You will need to identify what type of device you will be using to flip your content.  You will be able to fly a lot faster if you know what fuel to use.

Device 1 -- iPad

If you are using an Ipad please download the Educreations app OR the Lensoo Create app by clicking the button below.  Please create a teacher account via buttons below. We recommend that you explore both to see which ONE suites you better.

Device 2 -- Mac or PC

Device 3 -- Chromebook

Activity 2 -- PLEARN!
(Play and learn)

Take the time to PLAY and LEARN these tools before you come, we will of course help with specific details but you need to know how to stand alone on your hover board before we can fly!

Activity 3 -- Come prepared to fly!

You will be hovering out of this session with at least two flipped lessons to use in your classroom in the future school year.  Please come to the session with AT LEAST two lesson ideas of what you want to flip.  This can include pictures you want to include, attachments, or just an idea!

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