Mrs. Raney's 5th Grade Class:
Digital Expectations

This is what we ALWAYS do when interacting with technology.


  • If you come to something inappropriate, be mature and move past it or tell a teacher
  • NEVER give out personal information (last name, address, phone number, passwords, etc.)
  • Consider your digital footprint-- what are YOU putting out there?  Think: K.A.P.S. (kind, accurate, productive, safe)


  • Use technology with a purpose
  • Stay on task & use it wisely (we're lucky to have the devices/resources we have!)
  • Obey copyright and avoid plagiarism! (always put things into your own words... no copy/pasting!)


  • No food/drink around devices (wash your hands first!)
  • Hold the device with two hands; don't run with it
  • If something happens, tell a teacher
  • Plug it in to the proper location when you're finished