Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe (shown below). It borders Norway and Finland. If you stand in a certain place in Denmark, you can see the tip of it. They are rated second in the world for using English as a second language

How is Sweden different from America?

Some ways that Sweden is different than America is that they eat 5-6 smaller meals a day. Another thing is that they take several coffee breaks a day. Also, hockey is one of the most popular sports. In Sweden, it is played with curved hockey sticks and balls instead of pucks. It is also common for places such as restaurants or grocery stores to close for the whole month of July. Other than that, Sweden is a lot like America.

(yes, in this video they have a puck, not a ball, I dont know why)

What are some normal things that people do in sweden?

One thing that the do is take several fika a day, which translates to "coffee break" or "snack time". Another normal thing is going outside to do some sort of activity. More stuff they do, is having to squeeze some type of food out of a tube, which I think is weird. finally, boating in Sweden has become more of a fundamental part of life than a recreational activity.

What are some normal types of food in Sweden?

Some food that is popular in Sweden is bread, meat, any dairy, jam, cake and godis (candy). Another thing is smorgaskaviar, which is fish eggs smashed up and put into a toothpaste like tube. In Sweden, it is called Kalles (shown below). It is normally put on boiled eggs or smorgasen (sandwiches), and sometimes toast. Coffee is very big in Sweden. If you ever move there, you will probably eat Kalles on half a boiled egg with coffee.

Patrick K.

Ok, I am not going to eat this. the ingredients are mainly smoked cod eggs, salt, sugar, oil, and potato flakes.

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