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Heat and Temperature

How are heat and temperature related
· Both have something to do with thermal energy
· Temperature is to measure the heat of an object

Solids, liquids, gas
Solid is made up of particles that are very close and have no movement just tiny there is also not much kinetic energy of the particles for ex. Chairs, Tables are solids. Liquid is made up of particles that have a bit of space to move more than a solid there is also a tiny more kinetic energy more than a solid. Liquid for ex. Juice, milk anything that is liquid. Gas is made up of particles that are wide spaced and their movement is very fast. There is also a lot kinetic energy.

3. What is Heat?
Heat is any transfer from one body to another Heat is a hot object that scientists put to a colder object. Heat is he total international kinetic energy oft he atoms and molecules that make up a substance. Matter is made up of molecules and atoms. There is different ways translation, rotational, vibrational. These atoms and molecules by moving create heat or thermal energy. The more they move the more heat they create.

How is Heat transferred?
Heat can travel in three different ways: Conduction, Convection and Radiation. Convention and Conduction both require matter to transfer heat. Conduction is between two substances that have direct contact with each other. The better the conductor it is the more heat will transfer . Metal is a good conduction of heat conduction occurs when the substance is heated and the particles have more energy and have more movment. These particles bump into each other and transfer some energy to them. This continues from the hot end to the cold end. Convention Thermal energy is transferred from hot places to colder places. Convention transfers through liquids and gases. Water boiling in a pan is a good ex. Of convention. Another good ex. from convention is the atmosphere. The earths surface is warmed by the sun, the warm air raises and cool air moves in. Radiation is not the similar too convention and conduction it doesn’t rely on any contact with the heat source or the heated objects. The heat can be transferred by thermal energy through empty space ex. Heat from sun, or heat released from filament of light bulb.


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