* Spain is made up of 50 Provinces.

* The population of Spain is 47.27 million
    Seven times the population of Indiana

* Latitude and Longitude: 40.4333° N, 3.7000° W

* Capital: Madrid

* Official Language: Spanish

* Currency: Euro


Physical Geography

> Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula

> Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe.                                       Its area is 194,844 square miles. Four times larger than Indiana.

> Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula.

> 45% of Spain is on the Meseta Plateau.
       The Plateau isn't very flat, it is mostly hilly.

> Spain is the third highest country in Europe.

> The longest river in the Iberian Peninsula is the Tagus River,
or River Tajo, it runs across Spain.

> The River Ebro is the longest river to run across mainland Spain.  

> Sierra Morena, the dark range, is a major mountain range in Spain.
   It runs about 280 miles from East to West.

Imports and Exports

* Exports: Cars, Refined Petroleum, Packaged Medicines,
     Vehicle Parts, Delivery Trucks

* Imports: Fuel, Food, Machinery, and Motor Cars


+ Spain has Constitutional Democracy.

+ They have a Prime Minister who is the Head of Government.

+ The Cabinet is the Council of Ministers
    which is chosen by the Prime Minister.  

+ The Monarchy of Spain is the Constitutional Head of State.

+ They mainly represent Spain in Ceremonial occasions.   

+ The current King of Spain is Felipe IV

+ The current Prime Minister is Mariano Rajoy.



+ The Moors were medieval Muslims.
      The Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711.
      They came to Spain from Morocco.
      They ruled Spain until 1450

+ The main religion in Spain is Roman Catholic.

+ Bull Fights are a big part of Spain's culture.   


Gazpacho: A cold soup made with five vegetables and bread

Paella: A dish with fish or meat, rice, and vegetables

Tapas: A large amount of appetizers or snacks

Churros Con Chocolate: Long pastries with a thick hot chocolate

Empanadas: A meat filled pastry

Ham: Iberico and Serrano Ham dry, salt-cured hams

Tourist Attractions and
Interesting Places

Historic Center of Cordoba

Cordoba is one of the many world heritage sites in Spain. It was built by the Moors as a Mosque or a Muslim Cathedral.  

Burgos Cathedral

*Built in 1567 in honor of Ferdinand III

*Located in the city of Burgos

*It is an integral Gothic cathedral

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