Dragons of the Earth

Dragons lived for about 200,000 years and died off but some are still living in the world. Most of them hide underground to not be seen. The dragons used too be evil one time But peace has been though with us and them. Most people think that dragons are myths but they are not myths at all. People have been recording videos of dragons and some were on the news in china. Most of them are like Chinese dragons and not the real looking scary ones. There are tons of dragon stories and movies.  Dragons can breath fire water ice and other they can fly but some can not fly. Some are made to crawl on the ground. Not all dragons are the same strength some are weak and some are strong.  People have parties and have a dragon type theme. There are tons of dragon stuff in our world but really no one has ever knew that more kinds of dragons live in the earth ready too burst out out of the surface and control the world.  Dragons are ready to take over the world and rule it to.  There might not be peace at first between us and them at first but soon their will be trust and peace and teamwork between us and them.

A red dragon standing on a cliff ready to fly back into the earth.

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