Exploration Proposal to King Gaston de Foix of France
By: Hana Dubcak

Look at all the resources that could be dropped down at your feet. Gold, silver, natural resources, trade with others, spread of Christianity, you name it, I'll do it.

I am most likely to land somewhere around the area marked with red. I will make the entire population our type of Christianity. Imagine. If the area we colonize becomes powerful from France, then they can make the entire mysterious land our liking of Christianity. England and Spain will be too scared to venture out to the new land. French Christianity will have dominance over every country in the world! I heard the area near the water to the west have lots of natural resources, and we can trade with other coutries by water. It's perfect!

My experiences are far better than any other person who is willing to go to the unknown land. I have experience with traveling by water. I have done lots of sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. I also have practiced combat and other techniques to defend France and prove that we are the boss. We are in charge.

I realize how frustrated you must be about England, Spain, and other countries not following French Christianity, but I, Captain Hana L. Dubcak, will stop all these issues that are causing France problems.

I assume that it will take, at most, a month to reach the new land. I may be from England, but I would support France over England any day.

I will encounter the Native people peacefully. I will trade, learn, and survive with them unlike people who don't. If I run into any people from Europe, I will have the Natives on my side, and together, we will torture them until death or surrender.

I will need three ships, 300 or more men willing to travel west, and enough food to last about a month.

I know that both England and Spain want gold and silver. Spain also wants to increase their wealth and power using the natural resources in the new world... We can beat them to it and build a powerful army. Accept me as your representative for France, and France will succeed in being the best country ever.

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