Cheyenne Prahl
A Career As A Cosmetologist
Career Goal - Cosmetology

Career Overview

Cosmetologist Cut, Color, Style hair and they also do customers make-up.

Cosmetologist provide all the same techniques as a hairstylist plus more because they do customers make-up and make sure that their skin is great looking as well as their hair. check the condition of the customer's hair and scalp. If they find a problem, cosmetologist advise customers how to improve the health of their scalp. For contagious conditions, cosmetologist advise customers to see a doctor.

Cosmetologist use a comb razor and a scissors to cut clients hair and then they use clips, curling irons, flat iron sand hairspray to style the clients hair. If they are doing a clients make-up they would use the make-up utensils like, eye-shadow brushes, eye make-up, facial make-up and brushes and lipstick or lip gloss.

Finally when the cosmetologist is done with their client they will take them to the desk and have them pay the amount of which they have had to get done and schedule their next appointment. Then the cosmetologist will either wait for another customer to walk in or wait for their next appointment.

Career Skills and Interest

Listen to the customers on what they want done not what you want done, unless they tell you otherwise.

Understand that clients will not like the way you style their hair all the time so you will need to work with them the next time and get to know them so you know how to style it the way they will want it by their personality or just them. Concentrate on every piece of hair so you make sure everything is perfect how they want it.

Manage your time to your clients and also grab other ideas from another worker you work with to learn more style to do on other clients hair.

Career Working Conditions

Have a high level of social contact, because you will be socializing with your clients all day. Make sure to double check their scalp to see if they need to see a doctor or not. Communicate with the clients to make sure they are arriving on time and that day so you aren't just wasting time on someone you had something come up out if the ordinary.

Work indoors so it's not to hot outside or to cold outside for the customer and the wind is out of the way. Be sure to wear comfy shoes because you will be standing a lot and to also wear gloves for the dying of the hair.

It is pretty much the same thing everyday but then again its not because everyone wants a different color or different style in their hair then some other person.

Can either work part-time or full-time. Usually can work all seven days of the week.

Career Wages and Outlook

Cosmetologist can either be paid by the client or can be paid just as like a regular retail job, where everyone gets the same amount unless you are a manager etc.

Cosmetologist wages depend on what salon you work at and how big the salon is and also the city or town or state it is located in.

Benefits vary on where you work at

Hourly Wage Varies from- $9.20-$11.39

Salary Wage Varies from- $19,140.00-$24,150.00

Career Related Occupations

-Hairstylist                        -Manicurist                  -Barber

Program of Study - Cosmetology

Program Overview

Cosmetology programs teach people how to cut and style hair. Students learn the basics and the hardest of hair techniques. They also study some make-up to do on clients and also study the scalp in case a client needs to seek attention to one immediately.

Program Admission

Customer and Personal Services so that they have the knowledge of providing special services to customers based on their needs.

English Language so that they have the knowledge of the meaning, spelling, and use of the English language.

Chemistry so that they have the knowledge of the properties of substances and the changes that occur when they interact.

Administration and Management so that they have the knowledge of managing the operations of a business, company, or group.

Program Typical Course Work

have a high school diploma or equivalent;complete at least 1,550 hours of training at a licensed school of cosmetology; pass the cosmetologist exam; and pay required fees.

Related Programs

Hair design, Make-up artist, Nail instructor, Permanent cosmetics and tattooing.

Schools that Offer my Program of Study

Empire Beauty School- Bloomington,MN

Cosmetology Training Center- Mankato , MN

College Choice
Minnesota School of Beauty

College Info

Size and Location -MN School of Beauty is located in Lakeville, Minnesota and the size of this school would be 58 persons.

Admission Requirements - To Apply at Minnesota School of Beauty you need a high school diploma or a GED.

College Expenses - Tuition is around 14,000 dollars is around 900 dollars at the end of the course is is around $15,050.oo. Application fee is around 150 dollars

Financial Aid - The deadline to apply is the fall of when you want to start. the forms that are required and are needed are FAFSA, Application and a Letter. some scholarships that are available are Private, school, and State scholarships.

Housing - There are no dorms on this campus but it is next to the cities so you could either stay at your house, get your own house or have and apartment.

Activities - N/A

Informational Interview

I thought it was a fun and an exciting environment. I learned that cosmetology isn't as easy as it looks there are a lot of techniques you need to learn and do perfectly. My advice that i received was to go to college and make sure that cosmetology is what I want  to do as a career because they don't make that much money in southern MN. I din't uncover any advantages only if I became a celebrity hairstylist or moved to a big city. I didn't seek any other occupation. They environment was clean and new but the space was a little small. I think I would be happy.

Plans To Reach My Goal

I could visit a lot of Hair Salons and see what they are like and which one I would want and which one has the best pay.

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