Nancy Heart

Nancy Hart was born from 1735 - 1830. She was Georgias most acclaimed femal particpant during the revolutionary war. A devot  patriot, Hart gained notoriety during the revolution for her determined efforts to rid area of Tories, English, soldiers, and British sympathizers.

Nancy Hart is know for holding six British soldiers at gunpoint, but this is only one of her patriotic efforts against the British. Hart was detemind to ride the area of Tories, colonist loyal to the king.Nancy was one of the most patriotic women in Georgia. She was also fiesty and had a quick temper.

Nancy was a tall, gangaly women who towerd six feet in hight. She had red hair and a smallpox-scattered face. One early account pointed out that Hart had "no share of beauty- a fact she herself would have readily acknowledge, had she ever enjoyed an opportunity of looking into a mirror"

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