Is when a person has a passion to take pictures of life an nature.They can also take pictures of buildings known as architecture. You can take pictures of any thing you imagine. There are so many things you can take pictures of. Take your imaginenation past the limit.

How Do They Capture The Ability Of The Movements Of The Object Or Living Thing?

They get the best of cameras made especially for different ways you take different pictures or if they are moving. Also if  there is something you don't want in the background you can cut it out. Another thing you can do is zoom in to the picture with out it being fuzzy. These are a lot of things a advanced camera can do.

How Could You Put Your Abilities To Work?

You can do Wedding pictures. You can also do Family portraits. Another thing is Funeral pictures. Also Birthday parties for example when they blow out the candles. Another thing is Graduation.

What Can You Do To Get More Wonderful Pictures?

Go to the zoo. You can also go into the woods. Go around town. Go around your neighborhood. Also go to a party or a club and take pictures.

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