Top 5 Winter Acitivities

#1.  Building a snowman is a fun activity, because you get to build a body and make a great face.  It is time consuming but it's worth it when it's done. 

#2 skiing can be fun, but usually when you are good at it, you will enjoy it more. its fast paced and while your racing down the hill, it feels like you are flying

#3 tobogganing is essentially the same thin as skiing. your still racing down a hiil but you're not carving like u do when you're skiing

#4 having a snowball fight is really fun things to do during the winter. I love it so much because its fun to build forts and play with your friends

#5 playing hockey is the funnest  winter activity in m y opinion. I love the skating, shooting a puck, stick handling and just about everything about hockey

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3 years ago