Hanna Hudson

Photography Portfolio


This lantern was purchased for a party, and as I was lighting the candle inside of it I noticed how twisted the glass was.


This Jar looked really old, even though it had just been made. I really liked the antique look.


These peppers were for sale at the grocery story and I liked all of the colors and textures.


I looked out of the window and noticed the sky looked like a rainbow as the sun set.

The wildflowers and the butterfly reminded me of the bright colors and sweet smells of summer.


Engineer Mountain

I went skiing for spring break and took this picture for a school nature project. It was actually very hard to get because the ski lift was in the way.


I live this picture because it looks like a river, but it is actually a thermal pump that spews water from underground. It has been growing for thousands of years and is called Pinkerton Hot Springs.


Every year at Thanksgiving we all go outside and play some kind of sport. My sister was throwing the football to me when I snapped this picture.


Our dog snuck on to the trampoline while we were jumping and my sister stopped to give her a hug.


My Dad wondered around the yard after a great Thanksgiving dinner.


After touring the National Capital we boarded the bus and I took this picture. I like it because the trees and bushes frame the building.


We visited Jefferson Memorial, my favorite monument, and I was shocked at how beautiful and anstonishingly large the monument was. I like the man standing by the monument because it shows how truly massive the memorial is.

Monumental Construction

Hurricane Sandy hit  Washington Dc a few months before we visited and construction was underway do get the monument patched up. I liked the way the whole scene reflected on the water.


A few moments before we ran to the saftey of the building to avoid a strong storm, I took this picture at Fort McKinley. I think the flag flying in the storm looks really patriotic and cool.

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