math and science teachers, watch this!

Ms. Jones was kind enough to let me film her using Gizmos! with her Analytic Geometry students earlier this week. In the videos below, Ms. Jones speaks to the value of Gizmos!, demonstrates the ease in setting them up and aligning them to science and math teachers, and allows us a peek as she guides and assists students through the work. Ms. Jones' expectations are high and she acknowledges that Gizmos! increases her students' success in the Analytic Geometry course.

Ms. Jones explains the value of using Gizmos! as an instructional tool for her Analytic Geometry students.

Here, Ms. Jones, shows the ease of accessing Gizmos! that are aligned with Common Core standards for math.

The link between what's been happening with Ms. Jones' direct instruction and what the students are doing on the Gizmos!

Ms. Jones' students jump right into registering for the Gizmos! with her guidance.

Watch Ms. Jones take a student through understanding the connection between the printed Gizmos! work and the manipulation required within the online program.

Ms. Jones makes her expectations for completing the Gizmos! plain to her students. We learn that this particular Gizmos! contains classwork, homework, and a quiz.