Why Automatic??

Why would people rather "pick out a baby" rather than have a baby?

What are genetics you may ask well genetics are, the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.

Who are You?

Did you know you could have a genetic baby?!

Did you know you could have a Genetic baby? I know that's crazy right! Just imagine if you went to the doctor and designed your baby boy or girl. To me I think that would be kind of weird to have a automatic baby. Don't you? Tell me, do you think babies should be genetically engineered???

I think everything these days are becoming way to automatic. I love my phone, but I could live without it. I would love to have a natural born baby than go off of genetics. Wouldn't you rather be there and just look at that little baby boy or girl and have butterflies when the doctor says if its a boy or girl?

What are Designer Babies?

Well, designer babies refer to a baby who's been genetically engineered to be a "perfect baby." The traits that go with having a genetically engineered baby are: your babies gender, what your child's appearance is, how smart they are, and what kind of personality they have.

What about that Feeling you get?

Why are people picking advances in Genetics?

Scientific discovery's have been mad on the whole "genetics" or naturally born baby topic. Here is a few pictures of some charts on how many people pick having their babies naturally or by genetics.

Here is a list of pros and cons of having a genetically engineered baby!

Here is a chart sort of determining what your child eyes would be like using different genes!

FUN FACT!!!!!!

Here is a really cool fact!!!

Funny Genetics

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