TAREA 4: Mi rincón favorito


We are going to participate in a contest, sharing your photographs, videos and experiences about your favorite places in Europe. The main aim is to help other visitors to see and have an idea about the place you have decided to write about.

1. You will have to create an account in http://www.minube.com/

2. Once your account is created, scroll the page until you find "Tus rincones favoritos de Europa" and click there.

3. Click in "Participar ahora" and write in the square the name of the place you want to describe.

4. Write a tittle. Write about the place: cómo se llama, dónde está, qué hay, qué tipo de gente vive ahí, los aspectos positivos y por qué te gusta. Number of words: between 50 and 60 words.

5. You should include at least a photo or video of the place.

6. When you finish, link your writing in our Facebook group.

7. Deadline: 28 de abril.

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