Jacob Brooks

This is me and my two best friends. James is on the left and Tyler is on the right. They always know how to make me laugh and they can make my day sometimes. We  have some great memories together. These two make my days a lot better.

Three things about me..


Football like runs my life. I watch it and I play it. Right now i'm not able to play it because I broke my Wrist. My favorite NFL team is the dolphins. I hope they have a great year this year!

Kit Kats

Every Halloween I look forward to get kit kats. They are my favorite Candy for some reason. Last Halloween I didn't go Trick or Treating and they bought me whole bag. I ended up eating all of it on the same night.

Dan Marino

Dan Marino is one of my heroes in my life. One of the reasons is he was successful and played for the dolphins.  Another reason was he played quarterback for the dolphins. That is why i also play quarterback. He wore number thirteen and that is why my favorite number thirteen. That is why Dan Marino was one of my heroes in my life.


One of my goals in life is to go to college. Neither of my parents went to college, my brother is going to college off of a football scholarship.  I have no clue if my sister will go to college. But i want to go to college for football and to have a really good life in the future. That is one of my goals in life!

Place to visit

A place I would love to go is Miami, Florida. I would love to go there because it is a beautiful place. Also my two favorite teams are there. The two teams are the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat. I also heard its just a great place from my family who went there once. That is why I would love to go to Miami.

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