Are you with or against abortion?

Cherish those wonderful moments,Why take the chance away from an nonliving being.

In Brazil, the law says a woman is only allowed to stop her pregnancy if she was raped, if her health is in danger or if the child won't be able to survive outside the womb.I think that yes these are good reason but still in time you'll regret it and you'll have to live with it because abortion is not the only method they're other ways and you don't have to kill a child who can't choose for his/her self to live or to not live but then again in my opinion woman should have an abortion but a safe abortion where professionals should handle it not people that can harm them or even kill them but i still think they’re other methods out there and that abortion isn't always the right thing to do because you will be carrying that in your conscience and woman start regretting what they did they start thinking about the child and stuff like that.That’s why you should think about having an abortion twice before doing it.

They also have a life to live and choices to make why take that chance away from them they are human beings also only because they live in your whom doesn't mean they don't have a choice to live and breath and see the beauty of living don't take that chance away from them because they also have rights.

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