Trouble Sleeping for Children Predicting Alcohol Abuse

By: Josh Shoemaker

     This article relates the effect that lack of sleep can have on an adolescents brain. Mostly relating it to later alcohol and drug use. The article also talks about how sleep directly contributes to how the brain grows in the early stages of childhood. Along with alcohol and drug use, lack of sleep effected some sexual behavior. Due to all of these bad things that may result from lack of sleep, the article says that parents should watch their children's sleep schedule and make sure they do something if they tell them that they are not sleeping well.

     National poles predict that 45% of adolescents do not get enough sleep. Also, that one out of every ten children have trouble sleeping or wake up periodically through the night. This study was collected from three waves, 94-95, 96, 01-02.     

-I thought that this was a very interesting article, I was not aware that the amount of sleep you get can really change your brain and affect you later in life. It just gets people thinking that they can change their schedule, I know it made me question the amount of sleep I get and how well I sleep.

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