By: Kayte Kunselman and Kelsey Miller

Prisoners' bodies are laid out in a mass grave after being shot by German soldiers because they were too weak to work on May 12th, 1945 in Mauthausen, Germany during the Holocaust.

German children imprisioned in Auschwitz look out from behind a barbed wire fence in July 1944 during the Holocaust after being seperated from their families.

This picture above shows a Tutsi child visiting a graveyard for the other Tutsi's who were murdered by the Hutu's in the Rwandan genocide.

This picture above shows a little boy mourning by the remains of fellow Tutsi's who were brutally attacked by Hutu's in 1994.

The picture above shows a Chinese family who are starving under the rule of Chairman Zedong during the Great Leap Forward.

A starving child under the regime of Mao holds out an empty rice bowl during the Great Leap Forward era in Beijing, China.

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