By: Cameron Coates


2nd Hour

The bell bellowed through my ears.

The class jumped up like they were a kangaroo.

I jumped twice as high as that.

It was recess time! The best part of school.

I ran for the swings.

I was going to jump off the swing and touch the sky.

I swung to the sky and leaped off the swing.

I was going to do something cool when I landed but.

I landed on my face.

I got up and sprinted to the soccer field.

Somebody punted the ball over the fence.

Who was going to get it?

Everyone wanted to go after it.

It was a great chance for the small first graders to escape over the fence.

It was too late. The bell whistled.

No one could escape.

The teachers coraled the students inside.

The teacher found that there was a problem.

Harold was gone!

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