George washington


A video on what george washington had done for the u.s.a.

Facts about George Washington
1.)george washington  faught in the french and indian war.
2.)He was the first american president.

Time line on george washington:
George was born on february 22,1732.
Died on december 14,1799.
He was married in 1759.
He had no children.
He was the general for continental army june 15,1775.


George washington had held together the american revolutionary military.Washington was appointed Commander Chief of the Continental army on june 14,1775. washington was the only president to have Unaimously elected by the electoral a president washington was the only president inaugrated in two cites.washington also was strap  for cash during his presidency. and His wife name was martha washington. Martha was born on june 2,1731. making her 8 months older than george washington. washington was very bold to cross over the delaware. It was part of his attack on hessian forces at trenton. This day was on christmas in 1776.  washington decision to traansport 2,400 continential soliders across the icy river in one night. This happened diretly into a severe winter storm of sleet and snow semming irrational.  Thanks for learning and hearing more about georege washington and his life.

More Information On George Washington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George washington had played many roles during his time.These were the roles in which Washington Exemplifed  character and leadership. At the time of george washington's death,the mount vernon estates a population  consisted of 318 slaves.

Washington was the only president who ran for president.Washington was the only president to be elected twice receiving all the electoral votes. He refused payment for 8 1/2 years as commander n chief  asking only to be reimbursed  for his expenses, which were never fully reimbursed. He desired no pay as president.But the congress alloted annual budget of $25,000 for the executive branch. He only had 8 years as formal schooling. this is things that are interesting about our first president george washington.

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