My Feelings
Jada Wreh 2/11/15

My friends make me laugh, and I'm always in a good mood around them.

What makes me feel good is knowing I have supportive people to be by my side at all times.

I feel helpful when my bases and my flyer are going up into a stunt and I'm boosting my flyer so she can be in the air.

What makes me feel sad is when a close member in my family or person that was very close to me dies or death is coming there way.

What makes me scared is loosing my mom or my dad one day.

What makes me thankful is having food and water and  a house to sleep in.

What makes me feel important is when somebody asks for help, knowing that i know what they're asking.

What makes me angry is when someone asks for something when I'm already in a bad mood.

What makes me have hope is when i watch videos about people that are disabled and still be able to do there dreams.

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