Vietnam war

By Trevor Benning

Who:The Vietnam war was In between North Vietnam with other huge countries like China! against South Vietnam.But the US was involved later in the war but they still lost one war witch cost them a lot of money it cost 133 million dollars on wasteful war called Vietnam war.

What:It is all about war right now the war lasted till 1945-1991 that's over 45 years the war is going on and right now lots of people thought that South Vietnam was going to win the war.Well they were way wrong the North kicked there butts the North played real tricky and cruel at the same time so that's how they won easily.They also followed some of the U.S"s best moves in war however the US got involved because they thought communism was a threat to stability and freedom.The US thought it would be bad for them and the world.Though they still lost the Vietnam war they still gave it a shot to help out in the cold war.

How:The Vietnam war started because of communism also the U.S western allies considered communism in form of the USSR also the worlds biggest rivalry back in the days.The U.S really hated communism and thought it would be a bad thing for there country and for the world that is also another reason the cold war broke out.  

Picture:This is what can happen after a war from one air strike by a plane in the cold war/Vietnam war.The cost of lots of damage especially for the Us sence they lost the Vietnam war and lots of money$$$.

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