Hannah Arendt

Oct 14 1906-Dec 04 1975

She was born in born on 14 Oct 1906 in Hanover Germany,Died in 04 Dec 1975 in New York City She died of a hart attack.

Her Early Life

She was born in Hanover Germany in 1906 she was born and her dad died of paresis when she was 7 years old .She was German Jewish. She was the only child her dad was  Paul Cohn and mom was Martha Cohn. She was 8 years when world war 1 started. In 1920 she got a step father his name was Martin Berwald. She finished high school in 1924. She finished school and went to University of Heidelberg.

Her Adult Life

She got married at the age of 23yeras and she was sent to a  camp for jews in world war II it was called Gurs then she escaped in 1941 she and her husband and her mother to the United States of America.

What she did?

She wrote books that influenced the modern poultices today. She was a journalist that  liked to write about poultices how to make it better. She was not a news anchor because she did not really talk about the news she was more like writing news more then reporting on it. She was important because she was philosopher that made poultices more modern she was very smart.


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