San Fransisco Earthquake, Kaysean, Ms. Benson

ranks as one of the worst natural disasters in US history and one of the most significant earthquakes of all times.affected 375,000 square miles, half of which were in the Pacific Ocean.ruptured the ground surface along the San Andreas Fault for about 290 miles; the 1989 Loma Prieta quake ruptured about 25 miles.shifted the ground at an estimated 4 to 5 feet per second, while the rupture traveled at about 5,900 miles per hour.caused 24 feet of l surface slippage near Point Reyes Station.devastated northern California areas including Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Santa Cruz.caused estimated property damage of $400 million, or more than $8 billion in today’s dollars.was the world’s first major natural disaster to have its effects recorded by photographyover 225,000 of the city’s 400,000 residents were homeless.fires destroyed about 28,000 buildings and 500 blocks one fourth of San the first 19 months, San Francisco spent $90 million on reconstruction.fires burned for three days and three nights. some were as hot as 2,700 F. The fires were more harsh than the earthquake itself.the Navy contributed to putting out fires by running water lines and providing water to the city’s fire department for their steam engines.a San Francisco cooking breakfast on a stove , started the 24 hour long ham and eggs fire which destroyed a 30 block area, including parts of City Hall and Market Street.San Francisco received approximately $9 million in relief from individuals, cities, states, the federal government, and other countriesIt was one of the most devastating earthquakes.It started tons of fire.It still is something highly remembered(

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