Moving Learning Along

with Animated Presentation Tools

Funny Movie Maker

Quick and simple animation fun?   Funny Movie Maker is the answer.  

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Funny Movie Maker lets you create funny videos by replacing or adding your own mouth and voice to pictures. You're limited to only three pictures and certain features in the free version, however, you can add your own pictures by snapping a new picture or pulling one from your Camera Roll. If you like what you see, you can choose to save the video to your Camera Roll, upload it to YouTube or Facebook, or send it to a friend via e-mail.

See how simple this app is to use:

Create a short video related to your content or curriculum:


-- a tree reciting the poem, "Trees"

--famous people telling about their lives or discoveries

-- directions for a class project or assignment given by an object relating to the topic

--school mascot explaining school rules, classroom procedures, or boosting school spirit

ex. Water Drop giving directions for a Water Cycle project; Col. Travis explaining criteria for an Alamo project

Share your ideas from this iPlayground on this Padlet page:


Tellagami is an app that allows you to create 30 second animated videos called “Gamis.” The ability to select and customize characters, backgrounds, moods, music, and more allow great flexibility in the use of the app for creative projects with iPads in the classroom. The videos can be saved and combined in iMovie to create longer presentations.  

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Sock Puppets

The Sock Puppets app allows you to create lip-synced videos you can save to your Camera Roll to share.  Choose from a variety of puppets, backgrounds,, and props.  Click on the record button and move the characters, props, and backgrounds while recording your voice to tell the story or explain a concept.

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Puppet Pals

This is another great puppet show app to spotlight your students' creativity, even with the limited resources in the free version.

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Puppet Pals 2

This update to the original Puppet Pals offers more options including movable mouths and limbs for the characters and vehicles the puppets can “ride.”

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This story telling apps starts your project with an editable Story Arc to help teach key elements for story writing along with the creative play.  The free version has limited resources, but there are enough to allow for some lively presentation.

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Animator is a simple stop motion animation app students can master easily.

Animation Desk

This app allows anyone to be an animator.  The free version has a few limitations, but you and your students can still create some awesome visuals to demonstrate learning.

See it in the iTunes Store.

Use this app to create short animations that can be saved to your camera roll and even added to other videos or presentations.