Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

Most of you will get excited by the idea of travelling abroad. It may be a short business trip or a long vacation; the prospect travelling to foreign destination is amusing. You will surely get the travel tickets, baggage, passports and vital documents in order before the big day of departure arrives. Now, what if your travel plan would get jeopardized?

Travel plans can get called off due to hundreds of reasons, forcing you to lose money on flight or hotel bookings. To minimize these travel related losses, a travel insurance policy is recommended. If you wonder what is in it for you, then take a look at these few travel insurance benefits:

  • Cancellation or Delay of Flights

Your flight, at time of departure or return, can get cancelled due to uncertain weather conditions. At such times, you will have to stay at the airport and incur food and accommodation expenses. Only a travel insurance plan holds the potential to cover such additional expenses.

  • Emergency evacuation from destination

If any natural calamity was to strike your vacation destination, then you may be forced to seek a refuge at someplace else. Who is going to pay for the booked hotel rooms? These unexpected losses are readily covered through a travel plan.

  • Loss of Luggage

Thousands of incidents of loss of baggage and belongings are reported by travellers. If you are victimized by such loss, then your foreign stay will become difficult. Extra expenses for purchasing basic belongings, clothes and accessories get covered by a travel plan.

  • Medical Emergencies

Whether you are in-flight or in an international hotel, medical emergencies can strike without warning. Your current health may not cover international hospitalization. At such times, only a travel insurance policy will vouch for cashless treatment in overseas hospitals.