Box Jellyfish

By:Brooklyn Warnes

   OK … I am going to give you three hints to guess what I am...One,I sting…Two,I look  like an umbrella…Three,People call me the Sea wasp.            

If anyone guessed the Box Jellyfish their right.

   You might have been scared when I said box jellyfish,because I sting and people call me the sea wasp,but if people would wear a scuba diving suit when they go in the box jellyfish infested water,the sting won't effect them.By the way don't worry,I sting for my defense and to help capture my prey,so don't get in my way and you will be fine.Also I am prey to dumb sea turtles,How is that possible?..Oh yeah I forgot my sting doesn't effect them,So they eat my friends on a daily basis.How rude are they?

   Now does anyone know what transparent means?I do because I am transparent so, not everything can see,but if you can see me then you would know I,along with my group called a smack,are invertebrates.Also we can be up to 120 ft long and 7 ft wide.All of us box jellyfish have tentacles,5 to 125 of them.I love being transparent. Wouldn't you? P.S. I have 24 eyes but no brain!

   One of the reasons I like being transparent is because it helps me catch my food.I don't know why people eat fish when they have so much other stuff on land to eat,It's not fair they get to eat my food when I don't get to eat theirs.It's OK because I also eat random eggs ,larva,plankton and other jellyfish,not including fish I rarely get to eat because of you people.  

   In conclusion I am the box jellyfish ,I am on well,In the world if you like it or not.

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