New Organism New Earth


The ecosystem we picked is the rain forest. The organisms that we picked is a dog,tomato,flu,mushroom,and algae. We picked the tomatoes to eat. We also picked the flu to get immune to it. Then we picked for diverse meconism is mushroom. We picked algae to camouflage it so if danger is near we can hide or ambush it. Our original animal is a dog. So if another animal come it can bite it and use its instinct.

The Looks

Our remix animal looks like a pit bull it is brown and green.It eats plants and animals to get stronger and faster. It survives by eating to get faster and to either use it's instinct. It is about 5 ft off the ground. It can protect you by eating and getting stronger to use its

The Defense

Dogs can adapt to their environment. When it eats it can get stronger and gets to use his instant better. It can adapt to hot and cold. It can also adapt to the night by having energy by eating.My animal can survive on his own. It can make new friends in the rain forest. It can use his teeth to break down the food he eat to keep healthy.

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