Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards was just 23 years old when he started his SB.TV (SmokeyBarz) youth broadcasting channel.  Today he is a entrepreneur with an estimated fortune of £8m , thanks to his camera he received when he was 15 for a Christmas present from his mum. Jamal was an amateur film-maker   recording raps and music videos, but then started to grow his YouTube channel and become noticed by his friends and formed a team channel called SB.TV. Jamal recorded videos of his friends and became more popular until he become a known celebrity.  After YouTube turned him down 3 times he still continued making videos and joined the SB.TV channel. He then found himself among a select group of people to have fronted a Google Chrome and made a good friendship with the entrepreneur and owner of Virgin, Richard Branson. The key success to his life was from starting small then slowly progressing and becoming a widely known entrepreneur.

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