For homeroom we are leaning about Africa and we are making a wevideo about a topic.

We have been doing 5th grade math and it is hard sometimes.In homeroom we did bubble letters and made cartoon animal.My teacher is Miss.Slayton

Fitness fun

For fitness fun I had Mrs.Bradshaw.In fitness fun we played kickball and that was the best cause it is like baseball  and  our team won.We also played silent ball and if you missed it you and the person that gave it to you  are out.

Super Summer Reading

For summer reading I had Mrs.Gragg.We had to read a book in 2 weeks I started with Rump for a week than I did Mr.Lemncholes libaray and I finsted in 4 days and it was 56 chapters.

Tech treasures

I have Mr.Clawson for tech treasures and we got to make a video about something and my group was nerds candy.We shot the video on Wendsday and the best part is we got to eat NERDS.