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Persuasive Essay

Have you ever thought how would the world be, if only there were bad people? Now a day’s people is taking the wrong ways, and giving out the wrong idea which causes people to change. If the world only had bad people it would be hard to maintain safety and order between the people.

We need more leaders that are constantly following the right path to success that will also help the ones that aren’t so they could too. Basically, good people will have to lead the others into the right way so we can all work together in order to maintain the safety and order that everyone deserves. Good people such as police, fire man, and more help maintain safety to the people in the city. The primarily reason why there are good and bad people is to maintain the balance worldwide.

When there are a lot of bad people sometimes called criminal the good people won’t feel safe. Since there have been more crimes lately. There is about a good percentage of people that don’t even bother to look at the situation as it is. Surely, the good people try to be safe at any cost, even if it means to move places or to change friendships.

In conclusion, if the world was completely cover with bad people, then crimes would be more common happening in one way or another. It is stated that not always the bad people  have bad intensions or do mistakes but so does anyone else in the world, just like Martin Luther King Jr. said "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” we are not perfect but we shouldn't give up on perfection. Everyone has a task to accomplish in life and they should pursue their happiness but yet distinguish the bad and the good.

Letter of Recomendation

To whom it may concern,

It was my pleasure and privilege to get to know Imani Alexander. We were partnered up many times for different types of projects, she is an amazing student and she puts so much effort on everything from her part in our job. I strongly recommend Imani Alexander to become perfect fit in your vacancy.

She has a positive, intelligent, and a supportive personality. She is an expert at photo taking, and editing skills, camera working, and technology skills. She is able to lead while being in charge and within all of this skill she would be a great future Photographer.

If she’s chosen for your business she would be perfect working with someone if not then alone works too because she does and incredible work while being creative and choosing the best spots for a picture with multiple meanings. She’s is a multitasker, like to travel, take exotic nature photos, and she is really patient. She’s been one of the best students in class, she would be an outstanding employee to have and it is an honor to have the opportunity to advocate on her behalf.

Letter of Intent

Muniz, Karla Elizabeth

24668 Neverland Dreamer

Sun city, ashland 8111

August 25, 2000

Dylan O'Brien, Manager

Business Department

22868 Woodland

Sun city, ashland, 79938

Dear Dylan O'Brien,

I would like to attend a position at Keytronics. I have good communication, leadership, collaborating, and organization skills. With my skills I can show you how much I really want this job and how I am determined to keep it. I can help to improve your business by improving sales and producing/manufacturing all kinds of electronics. I would really appreciate to have this job.

I have worked in summer jobs which show how much experience I have in my skills as designer, builder and programmer. I’ve worked most of the time in groups but I have also been independent. I’m the leader many times, and I am responsible at any time. I’ve also been in extracurricular activities, such as robotics club in which you have to work on teams and come up with solutions for every problem and solve them as soon as possible.

I feel that your business is the type of organization in which I would enter for, and I am convinced that my previous experiences and qualifications would make me a perfect fit for your vacancy. I would really appreciate the opportunity to show how my skills have a great impact on your company. I thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to have the opportunity to discuss the opening with you in person.

Yours sincerely,

Karla Muniz


Karla Muniz

(905) 804-22-68

24668 Neverland Dreamer



My goal is to be a mechanical engineer and become a professional architect so I could create modern, better and safe buildings or monuments worldwide.

Hurshel Antwine 2005-2012

Rafael Hernando middle school III 2012-2015

El dorado 9th Grade Academy 2014-2015

A-B honor roll

Perfect attendance

I had a summer job at an engineering company as designer, programmer and builder.

Design June 12, 13 July 26, 13 designer

Build June 12, 13 July 26, 13 builder

Program June 12, 13 July 26, 13 programmer

I was in charge of designing a model of a robot that is used for house cleaning. Once I had the design I build a concept model (prototype) which I tested and fix it. When I was done I finally build the actual robot and program it with specific commands in order to do simple tasks once it was successful I programmed it to do more complicated tasks. I have programing, designing, building, mathematic, leadership, and multitasking skills.

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