What You Should Know About Mobile Marketing In 2015

Top mobile advertising trends for 2015 predict a need for multiple app interaction points. From rich notifications, widgets, to iOS extensions, API integrations, iWatch apps and desktop continuity features, options are immense. Modern marketers and developers need to consider service designs based upon more than one point of interactions. If this trend continues, the time of simple app downloads will end forever. Marketers are spending huge ad dollars on the mobile platforms. This is becoming possible due to large screens, high resolution, and high bandwidth phones along with the availability of technologies for cross-device tracking and tools for verification measurement.

Today mobile marketers and app publishers demand improved user experience with available networks. High expectations come from multiple partner options creating a hotbed for open marketplaces where direct deals can happen between advertisers and publishers. This ensures transparency, close interactions, and increased control over results. Ad network consolidation will increase with time, as the modern viewers want something beyond traditional advertising. Demands are high for intelligent, smart platforms that offer GenNext benefits and features with appropriate returns.

Messaging apps will enjoy a continued appeal in 2015 in relation to feature complexity and user base. These will work more as a lifestyle tool that offers utility, convenience, and sharing options to the users. Also, compared to the non-programmatic media, the demand for programmatic tools is on the rise. Advertisers can now use the mobile marketing platform for improved engagement and superior targeting. Programmatic approach signifies broader campaigns than ever before. Native apps today are hot property and this trend is going to grow in the coming times as is going to happen with mobile e-commerce.

Retargeting of the user accounts on the mobile platform is going to be huge now. Today, advertisers can hyper-target audience so the ads get more effective and relevant. We will see more targeted traffic sources now delivering quality users as desired by the advertisers. Mobile ads are getting ultra-personalized tailored to the expectations of the customers. In the advertising world context is the most crucial as for consumers it signifies relevancy. It is possible to ensure better campaign results with right tools to capture user context.

As the profits associated with mobile advertising increases, companies will begin investing heavily. Once this happens, there will be demand for sharp ROI measures with increased number of campaigns for cost-per-acquisition instead of cost-per-installation. There will be more stress on purchase or deposits instead of simple installs. Compared to regular banner ads native advertisement is less intrusive and more engaging. Marketers are willing to invest in ad units mimicking publisher’s site signifying in more clicks. Increase in native supply and demand has allowed everybody to offer scalable solutions and upgrade associated platforms.

Mobile programmatic ads are the in thing nowadays with both publishers and advertisers using these to meet mobile monetization and user acquisition needs. So, remain on the right side of mobile marketing trends this year and beyond by using the right strategies with the required professional help available from the website mobiquitynetworks.com.

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