"Success Is That Old ABC"

Ability , Breaks , And Courage

My definition of success : Success to me is happiness . You cant be successful if your not happy . You may have all the money in the world , but if your not happy , it doesn't feel right.

My Life Motto : No matter how hard and bad things seem , remember there is always someone with a worse story !

"When it rains most birds occupy shelter , But the Eagle is the only bird that flies above the clouds . " - Anonymous   I Like this quote because it is saying the eagle soars high above the rest .  You should also rise above the rest . Do things other people can't or won't .

Success takes a lot of hard work and has a lot of fails . If you're not happy in life , you can kiss success goodbye . Happiness is the real key to success , not money , fortune , or fame . To be successful you should try your hardest in school , in life , in general . You should do whatever makes you happy . To Be Successful : you need to have the (A)bility to get right back up when you fail , be ready to (B)reakdown , and most all of Have (C)ourage ! The ABC's to Success !

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