The Steamboat

By: Logan Purvis

How was the Steamboat developed?

A Steam-engine pioneer Denis Papin was credited with designing a paddlewheel steamboat in 1704. He could not get it developed. Then Marquis Claude de Jouffroy of France built a 42-foot working steamboat with rotating paddles in 1704.

Marquis Claude de Jouffroy of France

What problem did the Steamboat solve?

The first thing that the Steamboat solved was transportation. It also increased the speed of transporting goods.

How did the Steamboat make life better both then and now?

It helped people and crops travel to their destination faster. It makes life better today by it being very entertaining to go a Steamboat.

What problems did the Steamboat create?

The only problem their might be with a Steamboat is that some might not be very sturdy.

By: Logan Purvis