Modern Warfare and Its Effects

Poisonous gas, machine guns, tanks, and submarines effected people in war greatly. Some effects of these warfares and weaponry are listed below.

Poisonous gas

Poisonous gas effected people in the war by harming their vision, as well as their internal health. This tactic was first implemented by the Germans, helping them become stronger as their opponents became weaker.

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Machine guns

Machine guns pinned an interest to many army troops. The invention of machine guns came off to be very effective in a way that it was a fast and easy way to kill people (or win in terms of war).

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Tanks are heavy machinery designed to kill people by riding over them. This tactic helped get rid of many people at once. By using this, many countries took this machinery to their advantage and within a short period of time, many armies had tanks as part of their warfare.

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With the help of submarines, the navy for different countries were able to hide from their enemies and do plenty of research as well. Submarines served for shelter purposes as well. This type of warfare was used both during war and peace times.

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