Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Lowlands

Come Down to the lowlands for your farming needs

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowland, the smallest geographical

region in Canada, involves the triangle shape assembled by Lake Ontario,
Lake Erie and Lake Huron. It is located on the southern parts of Ontario and Quebec.
The St. Lawrence River begins to rise into the Canadian Shield. It was formed when faulting created a rift valley (a valley created when the part of land between the cracks in the Earth's crust drops down) Then later, around the end of the Ice Age, the faults lead to the sinking of the area around the St. Lawrence, which was then flooded by part of the Atlantic Ocean. During the flooding, the Atlantic Ocean laid down the sediments that provided this area with it's fertile soils.

Map of St. Lawrence Lowlands


Great Lake St. Lawrence Lowland's climate is a dry climate with very cold winters and very hot summers. During

the summer, the Great Lakes lower the temperature as well raise the temperature in the surrounding areas in winter by storing heat.

the Quebec region of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence receives the highest temperature (20 degrees celcius)
in July. The coldest month of the year is January with it's climate being at -13 degrees celcius. Along with that, precipitation is the highest in September (120mm) and the
lowest in February (70mm) .

In the Toronto, Ontario region of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence, they receive the highest temperature in July, being
about 24 degrees celcius. Their coldest month of the year is January, having approximately -7 degrees celcius.
The most precipitation received is about 85mm in August, and the least received is 40mm in both January and February.

Saint Lawrence lowlands farming area


There is a variety of activities to be done that the whole family will enjoy. Activities such as

swimming, hockey, lacrosse, badminton, soccer and many other sports fishing and boating. A popular attraction that cannot be left unseen is the Niagara Falls in Ottawa. The second most popular tourist attraction is the Parliament Hill in Ottawa due to its grand building and archver. The third most visited attraction
is the CN Tower in Toronto. It is the world's highest free-standing tower.

Overall, the Saint Lawrence Lowlands is an amazing place for farming,as it has good weather and lots of tourist. Come down to St.Lawrence Lowlands for your farming business.

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