The Republic of San Marino

Noah Dusich and Karim Barsom

A tiny enclave in Italy, The Republic of San Marino is populated by 32,742 people. At 61 square kilometers, it is slightly larger than Central York School District. The people of San Marino, the Sammarinese are generally Roman Catholic, and speak Italian. They are expected to live to be 83 years old. The Sammarinese are hardworking people, with an unemployment rate of just 7%, and a GDP of US $1.866 billion. There is no poverty in San Marino. As suggested in the name, San Marino is a republic-style government. Due to it's good relationship with Italy, and the laws aligning to that of the European Union (though it is not a member), there are no foreseeable issues in the near future. It was founded by Marinus in 301 C.E., and has maintained it's independent state since then. It shares much of it's culture with Italy, including the food, religion, and family life.

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