My top TEN internet safety rules!!

Time to learn internet safety!!!!

My top 10 internet safety rules

10.If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable tell a grown up and exit out of the site.

9.Respect other people’s views even if you don’t agree with that person.

8.Think carefully about something you post online it could ruin your life if you accidently post something embarrassing .

7.Choose a gender neutral online name in the chat room to avoid harassment.

6. Be suspicious of anyone you meet online.

5. Never send out a picture of yourself without your parents’ permission.

4.Never accept a gift from a stranger you met online.

3.Never arrange to meet a person you met online unless you talked it over and went with an adult.

2.Keep your privacy settings as high as possible.

1.Don't post any personal info online.


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