Vampire Umpire

killer monsters, or just cold blooded humans?

vampire culture

                                                                      Brief History:

        Vampires originated from the great Clementine Pire. He was an average human, an explorer. One night, in the midst of an expedition to a bat cave, a singular bat, the Vamp, bit him. Clementine slowly began the transformation. Just like the Vamp bat, he relied on blood of humans. He grew spiky teeth, and his eyes turned black like a bat's skin. Clementine tried to resist blood, but he eventually fed. And that vampire fed, and the one he fed on fed, and the cycle has continued for many centuries. After a while, a community was founded by the name of Vampire Umpire.


        A vampire's diet consists of meat to keep blood urges to a minimum, a pint of blood per meal, and a tiny pinch of garlic in their food. Yes, it's true that garlic harms vampires. But they can learn to control it. To help, they swallow a pinch with their meal each day, so they can become stronger and resist it longer. Unfortunately, they need human blood to survive; they feed at least 3 times a week.


Vampires may seem unstoppable, but people have caught on. There are forces working against them, and supplies of garlic in 3/4 refrigerators. When unwanted visitors enter Vampire Umpire, the police department, known as the VP (Vamp Protectors)  have a literal firewall protecting the border. Like technology, without the correct password- you can't enter. VP's try to resist harming innocent people for a reason other than necessary feeding.

                                                                        Climate Region:

Vampire Umpire's climate depends on the average mood of its citizens. If everyone is happily fed, had a good day at work, or nobody tried to kill them, the sky is blue and even sunny. On a bad day, when vampires went to bed hungry or blood banks were closed, storms circled Vampire Umpire all night. Most of the time however, the sky was a neutral blue, with more clouds than sunlight. A vampires life was pretty average, seeing as how no one chose to be cold blooded.  

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