Aquarium Design Project

By: Destiny & Tyler

fish tank

~Medium size tank

~the dimensions 36"l X 15"d X 20"h

~volume of thank 6.25 ft cubed

~holds up to 46.9 gallons of water


                                We need about 15 bags to fill the bottom of the tank.  The bags are 2 inches think.

angel fish

Angel fish like moderate planets.can live in a tank with 29 gallons of water.  These fish eat fish flakes & pellet foods.  For decorations they love rocks and wood logs.

fantail goldfish

           This fish grows up to be a medium size.  The temperatures it can hold up yo is 76*.  Eats flakes or pellet foods. Can me with most different species of fish.

over all expenses

              What we all spent for your aquarium is $539.41.  That with a list of prices of all the items.

~medium size tank:$225

~deep blue sea gravel: $5.50 per bag (15 bags ) $82.50

~ heater: $36


~blue medium w/ rock base: $15.00 (4 ) $60

~coral w/ flowers:$45

~angel fish:$4.99 (5)$24.95

~fantail goldfish:$3.99(4) $15.96

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