Week of: 1/12/14

Miss Collins Classroom News
Room 206

Important Dates:

Late Start Monday @ 9:05 (school begins @ 9:05am)

  • Jan. 5, 12, 26
  • Feb. 2, 9, 23

1/19: No School (MLK Day)

1/23: No School (Professional Development)

2/2: Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser – present the certificate on the back of the Mason Gazette and 20% of proceeds will go to Mason PTO.

2/3: Boston Market Night - 15% of sales go to Mason PTO!

2/11: Student Count Day

2/12: Valentine's Day Party

2/16-2/20: Mid-Winter Break

Monday: art
Tuesday: library
Wednesday: music
Thursday: gym
Friday: art

Weekly Words

- sight words: went, got, will, were, play
- word family: -eck

*Spelling test on sight words every Friday*

Reader's Workshop

Our new Reader's Workshop unit focuses on readers talking about books to grow ideas.  Students will be practicing "I think" and "I wonder" statements.  This unit pairs well with working in partnerships and sharing ideas and thoughts during reading with questions and opinions discussed during reader's workshop time.

Writing Workshop

We have begun our new writing unit: How To stories. Students will focus on lists, transition words, and sequence of events in their stories. Students will write informational non-fiction stories teaching others how to create something they are experts in. We have already written a class story about getting ready for recess and how to build a snowman. We read from Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle that guided students through listing items needed first, then explaining how to make pancakes in a step by step process. This unit will continue into the next month.

Social Studies

We continue to work on responsibilities and becoming independent in first grade tasks.  Students have received a responsibilities check list that coordinates with different parts of their day.  Encourage students to review and check off tasks as they complete them!


So long cloudy December, hello freezing January!  We will begin our solids and liquids unit this month where students will explore the differences between these two states of matter and ways in which we identify their differences.  

Collins Comments:

  • During these cold winter days, your child may bring in Chapstick to be kept in their desk.
  • Your child may be need of some extra clothes for their shoe box (socks for wet feet) that is kept in their locker.  
  • Please send in one empty paper towel roll with your child’s name on it. We will begin using math scrolls this month :)