Hurricane Heros!!!

Based on the stories "Surviving hurricane sandy" by: Nicole Tocco, "Bringing hope to sandy survivors" by: Scholastic Action Magazine, and "6-Year-Old Becomes a Hero to Band of Toddlers, Rescuers" by: Ellen Barry
Work completed by: Adia Polk

The similarities and differences!

When reading these 3 articles you will notice that they are all similar and different in many ways. The articles are similar because they all are from a kids point of view, the kids and there families all survived, the kids are optimistic about the future and they are now know as hero's. Ariel's and Matt's stories are the same because they are both teenagers, they both live in Rockaway beach, they both lost their basement and both article are based on hurricane sandy.Matt and Deamonte's stories are similar because they are both from a boys point of view, they don't get medals for their work and they both had a lot of responsibility. Ariel and Deamonte's stories are similar because they both were very lucky in the end, and they both experienced a hurricane. The 3 articles are also very different. Ariel's and Matt's stories are different because Matt stays in Rockaway to help his community while Ariel leaves and lives in Chicago but she starts a Facebook page to help her community. Matt and Deamonte's stories are different because Matt is 16 Deamonte is only 6 and Deamonte's story is based in Barto Rouge. Ariel and Deamonte's stories are differnat because Deamonte's story is about hurricane Katrina while Ariel's is about hurricane Sandy. As you can see these 3 articles are both very different and similar in may ways.   



In the collage above you will see pictures of the 3 hurricane victims. Top right: Deamonte Love. Top left: Ariel Creamer. Bottom: Matt Corrigan.

Here is picture of the damage the hurricanes caused

This a picture of where Rockaway beach is located.

This is a picture of where Barton Rouge is located.

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