Glass Castle

The family struggle



Through this book, these kids go threw struggles but learn how to figure out things on there own. There constant struggle make them curios for new ways to make life easy.


After all the moving these kids  went through their whole life they were never scared that things wouldn't be okay or unsafe. Also, they weren't afraid to make new friends and weren't even worried about fitting in with the new life stile.



this book is about a family that moved from place to place in poverty. Jeannette tells about all of the struggles they went through to get where they are today.


When Jeannette's father beats her with a belt. This happened because Jeannette was back talking her mother. This broke the relationship between her and her father majorly, because she never really thought that he would do it.

Falling action

When Jeannette moves to New York. It shows her dad that she isn't afraid anymore and is willing to take risks. Jeannette's dad dies of a major heart attack, and this crushes the whole family with them not even knowing what to do next.


Jeannette is now living on a farm with her husband John. Lori is a artist in New York.The mom is living on the streets. Brian is now a police officer, and Maureen moved to California and has problems with drugs

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