6 Things Your Office Tells Your Clients

  • 1. Taste

Taste is often reflected in the office furniture system you use. Do you like a shiny, polished modern office furniture system? Or do you prefer the traditional? What kind of art do you have in your office? Modernist or avant-garde? Maybe you have a charming seascape? Or don’t you even have one at all?

  • 2. Personality

Are you organized in your space? Or are your things scattered everywhere?Do you keep your table clean and clear of any paper and trash and candy wraps or not?

Are there too many piles of paper on your desk that you don’t even seem to have any inch of desk space free? Are you really that busy or you just put them there to make it look like you’re busy?

  • 3. Work ethic

This can extend to the kind of racking storage system you have. That is, if you had a hand in picking it in the first place, of course. If you picked a great and reliable racking storage system, then that means you did your homework. You researched. That means you’re conscientious, that you’re not careless about your work. Good job.

  • 4. Values

Are there too many trophies or awards in your work space? Don’t think it comes off as bragging? Think the carpet, curtains and the way it complements your chair and table or couch for receiving guests, are just perfect and not in the least bit pretentious? You might see a perfect office where some people see only a garish display of an uncoordinated office furniture system and that could turn some of your clients off if you’re not careful. Consult an interior designer to help you fix the problem.

  • 5. Beliefs

Do you have awards at your work place? Or maybe a family portrait? Maybe you even have your personal motto or code framed up somewhere in your office where everyone who comes in and talks to you might see. People who believe in something are often passionate about it. And if you believe in hard work, determination and creativity, those qualities show themselves,too, in the kind of office you inhabit.

  • 6. Disorder

Do you like your shelves, walls, along with your tables and chairs to be in specific colors? Very particular about the arrangement of your office? Maybe you have OCD. The minute your clients walk into room, they’ll know or suspect it too.

These are just some of the things your clients can learn about you just by stepping into your office. So make sure whatever is in there reflects nothing but the best of you, professionally and personally speaking.