Step Back into Nature with Realistic Bird Call Whistles and Ceremonial Boatswains Whistles

In a world of texting and disposable cameras, few things in life are truly elegant and richly historical anymore with the exception of realistic bird call whistles and ceremonial boatswains whistles. Whistles are instruments that have been around since the early humans realized they could take a branch, carve it out, blow through it and make sound. Nature lovers and seafaring people will treasure bird call whistles and bosuns whistles as gifts because the whistles themselves are precisely crafted instruments.

For those searching for a bosuns whistle, boatswains whistle or bird call whistles, it’s best to find a professional online seller that has been crafting whistles for at least a decade. They should offer Acme whistles and world-first whistles to their clients with a goal for quality and superior customer service. This online store should offer a variety of other whistles as well for various purposes but all crafted with an underlying quality at affordable pricing.

The boatswain whistle, also known as the bosuns whistle, is a standard instrument in navies all over the world. While on the boat, certain call codes were developed to relay information to the rest of the seamen by either an officer or specific sailor trained in these codes. One of these codes included “Haul.” Haul is the most basic of all the calls. Because the crews on warships weren’t allowed to sing work songs, the sailors used the bosuns whistle. The low note indicated prep and pause, and the high note was used for dragging the line.

Other boatswain whistle or bosuns whistle calls are:

  • Away or Side Gallery – used as an honor given to officers who are embarking or disembarking.
  • Call the Boatswain’s Mates – the boatswain’s crew is to report upon hearing this call.
  • Supper or Dinner – calls the crew to a meal.
  • Pipe Down – suspension of the crew not on duty.
  • General Call – piped prior to an announcement.
  • Word to be Passed – a command for silence.

Bird call whistles are available in a variety of different birds including Doves, Nightingales/Black Bird/Thrush, Ducks, Skylark Song bird, Curlew/Peewit, and Windmaster Jay/Magpie. These finely crafted instruments make excellent gifts for those who want to step back into nature and enjoy all the sights and sounds it has to offer.

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