Beliefs System

By: Kevin Simpson


Animism originally came from Africa, but it don't have any holy text for its culture. Animism worshipped the spirits of nature and worshiped there ancestors. these people had some main beliefs in animism which was all things that was living and non living had a spirit. you can offer sacrifices to make your ancestors happy. communities that practices have a great understanding of nature. it had a affect on our culture by practicing animism and sharing it with North America.


Shintoism was first started in Japan and this place also respected the natural world. this place started around 400 A.D. Shintoism was followed by 3,000,000 people which came over to Shintoism. back when Shintoism had a powerful leader it was beginning to overshadow Buddhism. it affected our culture by it going to take over Buddhism.


Hinduism was originally founded in India in which they stayed with India. they had a Holy text called Vedas, some of the main beliefs in Hinduism was reincarnation- one soul is reborn into another form until perfection is reached. the was that Hinduism affected our culture by trying to lead a good life in order to keep moving forward until perfection. they also had karma, karma was if you were bad or good. good karma was if you did good deeds you would be rewarded, if you had bad karma you would have bad luck until you do a lot of good karma to replace your bad karma


Buddhism began in India, but Buddhism moved out of India. they had main beliefs which was you had to end your sufferings by ending your desires. Buddhism affected our culture by learning what life brings them. they had missionaries which was people who spreaded religion by teaching other people about their beliefs. Buddhism had a real popular thing that everyone uses like the "Four Noble Truths" which was that everyone suffers, suffering was caused by desires, to end suffering- end your desires, and to end your desires- follow the 8 noble paths. the date that it was founded was 520 BCE. this belief system was all taught by the Budda


Taoism had a place of origin in China. which has a holy text named Tao te ching. they had one main believe witch was following the way of nature. Taoism was formed in 550 BCE. and this belief has about 20,000


confusionism was starting to begin in 500 BCE. it was originated from china , which confusionism had a holy book or text called analects. their main beliefs were that all people had to follow their role in society. the belief place affected our culture by getting great deals of respect for our parents, elders, and grandparents.


Judaism was founded or created in 2500 BC. it is located in the middle east. their holy text is called the torah. their main beliefs are that they have one god that was named monotheisis. their affected on our culture is to try to follow gods laws so the messiah will come. they have a day of worship that day is Saturday.

confusionism has the "5 relationships"

father-son, older brother-younger brother, husband-wife, ruler-subject, friends=friends.


Christianity was started in 33 AD. they believe that one day Jesus will come as a Messiah and take them to heaven. this place originated from the middle east and their holy text is the Bible. they had only one god. the way that it affected our culture was by following the simple rules that won many converts to Christianity. they also believed that Jesus is the son of god.


Islam began in the middle East with a holy text (book) called Qur'an. their main beliefs that they had was they had one god, and they followed Allah in all things about everything. the way it affected our culture was the religious laws were so important to the Islam belief that they made it the political laws.

they had the "five pillars of faith" which was...

Recite which you had to say each day, which was no god but hala. Pray which you had to do at least 5 times a day, facing mecca. charity which you had to give regularly. you had to be fast which that means going with out food and drinks. and pilgrimage which was you had to try to make a journey to mecca at least once in your life.

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