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Judge Accused of Assaulting Wife is Urged to Resign

By: Alan Blinder and Campbell Robertson
Date: September 18, 2014

Summary of the Article:

Alabama Judge Mark E. Fuller, charged with assaulting his wife a little past a month ago, is prompted to resign for his domestic violence case. After the resignation of the football player, Ray Rice, for his domestic violence case, people have brought up the case of Judge Fuller and have requested that he also step down from his place. He has also had a history of bribery and mail fraud that people have thought were for political reasons. However, even if he were convicted of felony, it would not mean that he will be removed from his place right away. A judge would not be automatically removed from their place if the felony does not precisely have to do with their work, and those cases are really rare. Nevertheless, it seemed that other government officials are supportive of the idea of Judge Fuller’s resignation.

Ideals Related to this Story:

There is equality and democracy to this story.

Judge Fuller has undoubtedly violated the rights of another person, however, he has kept his job. In a similar case, a football player has lost his job. They have both done horrendous acts, nevertheless, one person got to keep their job and another did not. This has created inequality between the people and the type of jobs they have. Additionally, many people have voiced their thoughts and felt that he should resign from his place. The people have lost their trust in the person that decided whether a person was guilty or not guilty. In a democracy, the ones being governed give the power to the ones governing, this shows that by not resigning, he is causing a lack of democracy.

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