Natece Alston

In this survey i chose to ask students, how many times a week do they go to Wal-Mart, because me personally i go about five times weeks, and i was interested in seeing other people and how many times they go. I was not shocked to see that majority of the people where in the in the invalid box because they did answer the question with a simple number. But this question was kind of tricky to answer with just one number, because people change from week to week. So this was a interesting survey.

This is a frequency chart showing how many of the students out of the different classes chose their favorite ice cream flavors. Surprisingly there we're a lot of students that liked cookies-n-cream ice cream. I was shocked that it wasn't more of chocolate or vanilla.

This Chart actually explains the data of my survey. I chose this question to ask the students because it was a common question to ask but the answer chooses that i chose to put in my question really made me feel like it was different and i was expecting to get a lot of different answers. Most of the students that feel in the invalid box we're kids that chose more than one flavor, or we're students that didn't answer the question at all. Overall the survey question went well with my question and the most liked flavor is cookies-n-cream.

This image is my box-and-whiskers plot, that explains the highest and lowest number of my survey for the quantitative question. The mean was 3.05. The standard deviation was 9.62. The mode and median was 1, and the range of the survey was 100. Which explains why the line was long from the box-and-whisker line was so long.

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